Friday, 27 April 2012

Old Work - 2D Environments

I entered this in a competition back in 2010 and won first prize... a graphics tablet.

I was given the outline of designing one possible future. Everyone elses were looking rather blade runner-y so decided to go with something different.

Here are some older pieces...

I completed this back in early 2011 for a college unit. The art style I used here would eventually become a forerunner of the style I used for the "College Life" app.

...And so it begins...

These were a part of a comic strip I put together for the Plaza Cinema in Liverpool. I spent a few years working there as a screen usher and after getting to know the crew a little better I started to produce these. They were presented on a notice board in the main foyer for the amusement of customers and staff alike.

Here is some of my early work, done back in 08 and 09.